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Chris Rogers is the Managing Director of Brink Architects, and started off his career in construction as a Royal Engineer in the British Army. After leaving (having unfortunately being medically discharged due to injury), Chris retrained as an architectural technician and worked at a number of firms before becoming both a Chartered Technologist and Senior Associate of Rickett Architects, where he worked for a number of years. Chris continued his formal education whilst at Rickett, going on to become a Chartered Architect. In 2018 Chris started Brink Architects.

Chris also enjoys bringing on the next generation of architects with Brink employing RIBA Studio course students and encouraging staff members to continuously advance. Chris guest lecturers at both DMU and Oxford Brookes.

Chris continued his formal education whilst at Rickett Architects, going on to be presented with an internal RIBA Presidents Medal commendation on his path to becoming a Chartered Architect.

Being both a Chartered Architect and Chartered Technologist, Chris can draw upon his wealth of technical know-how to produce architectural solutions to complex problems that others thought not possible. His experience of running multi-million pound projects in a variety  sectors has provided a detailed knowledge of cross sector construction applications.  Chris is dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality.


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