Our environment has an enormous impact upon our wellbeing, creativity and productivity. At the heart of Brink architects is our studio, a space that has been designed to encourage creativity and collaboration.

Both clients and design team can explore opportunities within a relaxed


About Us

Founded in 2018 by chartered technologist and architect Chris Rogers, Brink has rapidly gained a reputation as a creative and professional practice with projects across the country, ranging from high end residential to healthcare, student accommodation and retail.

The whole team contribute across all our projects. We aim to foster a collaborative spirit throughout all project stages working closely with design team, contractors and client. Careful consideration of programme, phasing, materials and building technologies with good communication help us to successfully deliver projects on time and on budget.


Our Approach

An architectural project that is designed, built and maintained, without the full understanding of client requirements is built on sand. A project that is designed and detailed with the client and end users involvement is built upon a solid foundation.

We successfully translate our clients’ concepts and aspirations into built form. Throughout the design process we clearly articulate the quality and subtleties of spaces using a range of methods.

Whether a developer or private client we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer experience which lies at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in simplifying the complex


Our Team

We believe in a collaborative design process and the cross pollination of professional services, to achieve innovative solutions others thought not possible.

We achieve this through a team of experienced and talented design staff, including chartered technologists and architects. Together we have the experience, creativity and agility to deliver complex and challenging projects on time and on budget.

We consider that our team extends beyond our studio to include the client and specialist consultants, bringing together all areas of expertise required to deliver the project.

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Our Clients

Whether undertaking an interesting extension for a private client or designing large scale projects for a developer we approach every design with same attention to detail and enthusiasm. Time is taken to fully understand our client’s requirements and develop the project in an collaborative and transparent way. Our continuing success can be put down to several elements which, when combined, ensure that once a customer has worked with us, they remain with us.

”The design enhances the overall experience, it is designed in such a way that it demonstrates the time and care we are investing in the patient experience” 

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Careers at Brink

It is important for us to find the right people to fit into our company culture. It may be that you will be familiar with all or only some of the criteria identified within any positions advertised. Regardless of experience the most important factor is attitude and a willingness to learn. We are a practice driven by a continued desire to improve.

Every team member helps to shape the direction of the practice. We pride ourselves on our inclusive and exciting studio atmosphere which offers opportunities for career progression and development to all team members.